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Whether you have long- or short-term cooling needs, we deliver reliable rental solutions, applications expertise, and responsive support. As a building owner, facilities engineer or manager, you are always planning for "what ifs," not to mention grappling with actual building emergencies. Daikin Applied rental equipment and temporary heating/cooling capabilities are at your service 24/7 throughout the United States and Canada. We offer complete support that includes everything you need — from rental chillers and dehumidifiers, to heat and power.


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Emergency Rentals

When your equipment fails, limiting downtime is mission critical. That's why Daikin Applied provides quick delivery and installation of reliable rental products to help you weather the outage. We're here to help get you back up and running, and can provide a full turnkey solution. Our rental experts are ready to assist.

  • Industry-leading efficiency and proven technology
  • 24-hour turnaround on available inventory
  • 8-hour average set up with on-site experts
  • Comprehensive package, including pumps, flexible water piping connections, and electrical hookups


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Temporary Rental Equipment
for Planned Situations

Forming a contingency plan for a chiller outage can help you quickly get operations back to normal, limit financial loss, and help you breathe easier when the unexpected happens. Selecting the right-sized equipment is just one part of the process. The best contingency plans start by assessing and understanding your financial risk, and then using this information to drive the rest of your plan. Our Rental Solutions experts can specify the supplemental cooling system required to support any situation you're experiencing.

  • System maintenance
  • Building expansion
  • Heat generation from server rooms and IT equipment
  • Seasonal load swings from weather or staff changes
  • Contingency plans
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Free Expert Consultation
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Solutions Professionals

Our factory-trained technicians work on-site to install your rental chiller and get your project up and running in as little as eight hours. When downtime is not an option, Daikin chiller rentals are your solution with proven, advanced technology at the ready.

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