Set Higher Expectations
for Efficiencies and Savings

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Trailblazer® Air-cooled Scroll Chiller


Cool your building more efficiently and save money. Chillers operate in off-design conditions 95% of the time, so the Trailblazer® provides 10% more efficiency than our leading competitors at design and off-design conditions. We have you covered, like no other. With a 10 to 240 ton range, the Trailblazer® air-cooled chiller gives you the scale to fit your cooling needs, and it offers the best overall value in air-cooled packaged chillers available today. Its quiet operation, high efficiency, RapidRestore® and new heat pump technology (model EWYQ) make these chillers ideal for mission critical buildings, data centers, healthcare, and manufacturing facilities.



The new Trailblazer HP features heat pump technology to deliver electricity-powered heating and cooling for commercial buildings and industrial processes. At typical operating conditions, Trailblazer HP is up to 300 percent efficient—transfering three times more heat than the energy used by the equipment. That leads to a significant reduction in energy use and direct greenhouse gas emissions, as well as day-to-day operating costs.

Pump Package for Air Cooled Chiller System

Pump Package

Add simplicity to your chilled water system design with an optional factory-installed pump package in Trailblazer AGZ-E. With availability from 30-240 tons in single pump or dual pumps with single casting, you can significantly lower installation time and operating costs.

Heat Recovery for Air Cooled Scroll Chiller

Heat Recovery System

Trailblazer features an optional factory-installed heat recovery system allowing you to use up to 45% of the heat normally rejected to the condenser for pre-heating or dehumidification. With sizes up to 240 tons, Trailblazer is the largest air-cooled scroll chiller with a heat recovery option.

Better Beer Starts With Better Equipment

Steel Hands Brewing (Cayce, SC) selected Daikin’s Trailblazer® Chiller when they opened their doors for business. The air cooled scroll chiller plays an extremely important role in the brewing process and has given them the peace of mind they need to stay focused on what they do best, brewing GREAT beer!