A rebel by nature.
a differentiator by choice.

Rebel Applied Packaged Rooftop System


Rebel Applied is an all-encompassing packaged rooftop solution that rises above its class with industry leading high-performance design, maximum energy efficiency, lowest lifecycle cost, and unlimited configurability. It features a modular, high-performance cabinet design that is unique to the market and delivers a reimagined product solution that enables engineers and contractors to design around their exact application. This is especially true of new construction and retrofit applications that require maximum energy efficiency, lowest total lifecycle cost, and unlimited configurability.

packaged air conditioner


Capatalize on the high-performance cabinetry featuring a Class 6 leakage rating at +/- 6" of static pressure (based on ASHRAE Standard 111) and a Thermally Broken Design that eliminates energy-robbing direct conduction paths.


Gain unprecendented configuration flexibility to fit new or retrofit applications, replacing Daikin and competitor rooftop units with Rebel Applied's no-transition curb and modular design - up to 37% shorter and 30% lighter than legacy applied rooftops.

Rooftop AC Unit Energy Efficiency

Variable Speed ECM Motors

Get superior efficiencies with EERs exceeding 11.0 and IEERs up to 17.0 by incorporating the latest in advanced technologies, such as EC motors and high efficiency scroll compressors that enable Rebel Applied to far exceed minimum energy efficiency requirements through 2023.

Retrofits Made Easy

Rebel Applied is changing the landscape in the retrofit market. Its highly customizable modular cabinet gives you the flexibility to design around the exact application. It eliminates the need for transition curbs for many existing units in the field and is an ideal solution for retrofit applications.