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Rental Dehumidifiers

Industrial Dehumidification and Ventilation

A sudden change in your facility’s indoor air environment can pose more than just a risk to your occupant’s health and comfort. It can also impact your product quality, posing financial risk to your business outcomes. Secure a healthy Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) with Daikin Rental Solutions. We offer a range of rental dehumidifiers and air scrubbers, designed to accommodate a diverse range of applications, from manufacturing environments to healthcare facilities.

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Mitigate Water Damages

Harsh weather conditions and unexpected flooding can often lead to water damages to your inventory and property such as wood rot, mold and bacteria growth, metal rust and corrosion, and possible damage to laminated materials and surfaces. Daikin offers rental desiccant dehumidifiers and LGR (low-grain refrigeration) dehumidifiers designed to accommodate water damage restoration and for applications that require the driest conditions possible.

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Maintain Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and Comfort

When your building's health is compromised by the presence of mold, dust, and other toxic pollutants, it can pose a severe risk to your indoor air quality and occupant comfort. To help improve your indoor air environment, Daikin offers air scrubber rental solutions and negative air machines, designed to reduce air contaminants and improve or maintain indoor air quality.

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Maintain IEQ for Manufacturing Environments

In today's manufacturing environment, quality control is essential to your product quality. So when your manufacturing space is met with an unexpected rise in humidity levels, your products and machinery can be vulnerable to potential mold, corrosion, or steam exposure. Partner with Daikin Rental Solutions for an industrial dehumidifier rental designed to maintain low humidity levels and achieve a steady indoor micro-climate.