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Temporary Cooling Rental

When faced with equipment failure or an unexpected outage during the cooling season, it’s important to know where to turn to during a building emergency. That’s why Daikin Applied Rental Solutions offers a range of commercial air conditioning units, applications expertise, and responsive support to meet your long or short-term cooling needs. From water- and air-cooled chillers to portable air conditioners and cooling tower rentals, we’re here to help you weather the unexpected.

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Mission Critical Operations

When your equipment fails, downtime can be costly to your business, especially for mission critical operations. Whether you’re looking to mitigate the heat generated by your server room, or secure patient health in your healthcare facility, we’ve got you covered. Our factory-trained rentals solutions team provides quick delivery and installation of temporary HVAC units to help get you back up and running.

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Dedicated, Factory-trained Service Team

Our Daikin Rentals Solutions team is on standby at over 100 locations across the country to help provide you with rental solutions when you need it most. Our on-site experts provide a quick delivery and installation to help get you back up and running. A chiller rental makes it possible for your facility to maintain full cooling capabilities. We have a range of tonnage sizes for trailer-mounted chillers, and our chiller experts can specify the temporary cooling system required to support any situation you’re experiencing.

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Cooling Tower Rentals for Unit Testing Applications

Selecting a permanent cooling solution for your facility can be a complex process. Finding a unit that meets your unique project requirements is key to your project’s success. That’s why Daikin Rental Solutions provides a range of temporary cooling tower rentals for cooling system testing applications. Helping you avoid costly long- term errors and ensuring maximum efficiency and reliability before a permanent unit is ordered.

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Avoid Downtime During Retrofits and Replacements

During planned equipment maintenance, expected equipment downtime can bring time pressure concerns to get your primary system back on line. A commercial portable AC unit from Daikin makes it possible for your facility to maintain full cooling capabilities during retrofit, renovation, or replacement. Allowing you to ensure work can be completed correctly the first time, and avoiding any costly overtime.

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Accommodate Seasonal Load Swings From Weather Or Staff Changes

When outside ambient temperatures or staff changes result in high temperatures that exceed your expected load demands, Daikin Rental Solutions can provide a chiller lease, spot cooler, or industrial portable ac unit rental. Our team of factory-trained experts are here to evaluate your needs and deliver a temporary cooling rental tailored to fit your unique requirements.

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Maintain Equipment Performance offsite with Remote Monitoring Capabilities

Secure the ultimate peace of mind with remote access to your chiller rental. Daikin offers a range of rental chiller models available with remote monitoring capabilities, perfect for times when presence on site is inconvenient or impractical.