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PreciseLine® Air Handlers


No two buildings are created equal. Loads, fresh air, delivery requirements, and other design obstacles are clever problems that call for clever solutions. For a definitive solution to your space’s air handling needs, use Daikin PreciseLine Air Handlers, available in both vertical and horizontal configurations, to condition air at precise levels up to 5000 cfm. PreciseLine’s compact footprint gives system designers and contractors unmatched design capability when faced with tight space restrictions. It differentiates itself by utilizing a series of smaller units to efficiently deliver fresh, conditioned air to dedicated spaces within a building ⁠— all at a very attractive price point.

thermally insulated Panels

All units utilize a galvanized double wall, 1-inch foam injected, thermally isolated panel to raise the cabinet’s thermal resistance to R-6.5. This thermal resistance is more effective at keeping air cold when in cooling mode and hot when in heating mode. It also provides a cleanable surface and increases panel rigidity for longer unit life.

PreciseLine Mixing Box

Mixing box / damper actuator

Configure your PreciseLine with an optional factory-installed mixing box, which features a dual damper assembly driven by an optional 0-10VDC (modulating) or 24VAC (on/off) field-reversible damper actuator and linkage. A manual damper is also available for fixed damper applications. The mixing box option is perfect for economizer operation, satisfying outdoor air requirements via a mixture of precisely controlled indoor and outdoor air. 


factory-installed valve packages

Available for both two-pipe and four-pipe systems (006-020), all packages are leak tested and assembled inside the cabinet. Water connections terminate outside the cabinet for quick field hookup and all valve piping is easily accessible through a single panel for easy service.

indoor air quality Solutions

  • 2” and 4” MERV 8 or MERV 13 options for superior particulate filtration
  • Thermally insulated cabinetry reduces fibers/pathogens entering the system
  • Double-sloped stainless steel drain pan to deter microbial growth 

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