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Make Your Retail Operation a Comfortable Destination

Like you, Daikin pays close attention to shopping trends. The explosion of web-based commerce suggests that consumers often prefer the comfort and convenience of shopping “from home.” One answer to drawing customers into your store is to make it a destination…where the considered integration of merchandise, service excellence, ambience and comfort combine to overcome apathy and create an unsurpassed experience. The most important factor is comfort — and Daikin can help.

Our 95 years of experience and innovative solutions and products quietly deliver perfect temperatures, humidity and air quality to keep your customers browsing and your merchandise in top condition — all while minimizing your energy costs.

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Precise Climate Control

For precision comfort that’s produced efficiently, consider Daikin’s award-winning Rebel®. At the core of Rebel’s advanced technologies is its inverter scroll compressor, which provides energy efficiencies and cost savings unmatched by typical compressors. By constantly adapting to the demand of the space, the inverter compressor delivers only the required energy to satisfy space conditions, ensuring a more comfortable environment with constant air flow, precise temperature and humidity control, ultra-quiet operation, and accelerated equipment payback.

When your customers are comfortable, chances are they’ll stay for more than just good deals. Minimize downtime by combining Daikin products with SiteLine™ Building Controls, which delivers 24/7 monitoring and scheduled maintenance alerts. Smart businesses rely on SiteLine™ for deeper, more accurate performance measurements that keep your customers comfortable and your merchandise pristine.

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