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Productivity is the bottom line in an office building. Tenants work at their best in comfortable conditions when the air is fresh and the environment quiet. Yet, the demands on the HVAC system can be as diverse as the audience it serves … and those demands extend beyond how that comfort is achieved. At Daikin, we call it “responsible comfort.” We recognize the importance of reducing carbon emissions and energy use to achieve comfort in buildings large and small — and we have over 95 years of experience to prove it. When you need to keep tenants comfortable inside and out, rely on the expertise of Daikin with its industry-leading innovations and solutions for commercial HVAC.

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Reduce Tenant Costs

Companies leasing space in office buildings have another bottom line in addition to the productivity associated with responsible comfort: utility costs. The largest is comprised of heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

On Daikin’s air handling product line, custom modular design allows sections to easily pass through narrow halls and doorways to a mechanical room where they are then quickly joined together using our unique, patented splice collar design. This lowers installation costs by avoiding in-space construction and is ideal for retrofit applications. Daikin also offers two-inch variable dimensioning to provide precisely sized equipment, specific to the constraints of a mechanical room.

Vertical self-contained units, which can be easily deconstructed and reassembled to eliminate high rigging costs, provide floor-by-floor operation, making tenant billing simplistic. When outdoor air temperatures are lower than the cooling fluid temperature, Daikin’s integrated water-side economizer, available on Pathfinder®, helps reduce tenant costs in the shoulder seasons by using less energy than normal vapor compression mechanical cooling. Daikin understands the connection between energy costs and tenant loyalty. Let us help you enhance loyalty while optimizing productivity levels.

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