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Daikin understands the diverse challenges college and university administration face when it comes to higher education. While the core focus is still on the quality of the education, quality also extends to how that education is delivered. Yet, with Daikin, it doesn’t have to be a dichotomy, where focusing on one compromises the other — both are important to students and faculty alike.

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Daikin’s expertise with education lies in its 95 years of experience creating ideal learning environments that foster engagement and concentration. In the classrooms, labs, and dormitories, that means quality air that’s delivered quietly, and at the right temperature and humidity. Students demand a solid education in a comfortable atmosphere. Yet, they also want their college or university to be environmentally conscious and responsible.

Across equipment product lines, Daikin is creating new technologies that result in lower energy consumption and reduced costs year-round. Pathfinder’s® performance is optimized with Daikin’s unique VVR® compressor technology, which adjusts the compression ratio to meet the demands of the building. Inverter compressors in Daikin rooftop units deliver only the required energy to satisfy space conditions, providing precise temperature control and accelerated equipment payback. Offering a full range of services to help support asset management and energy initiatives, you can depend on Daikin's HVAC systems to help you attract and retain students and staff with a positive learning atmosphere ... and one that’s delivered efficiently and responsibly.

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