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At Daikin Applied, we are building a more sustainable planet. Creating comfortable, healthy spaces for people to connect, live and work. Perfecting the air we share.

This is more than a job. It’s about the opportunity the job brings, the path it uncovers, the YOU that happens when talent steps up and leads the way. A team that embraces your unique skills. Innovators looking for diverse thinkers. People who want the challenge of a new adventure, who aren’t afraid to bring it, and who will put their best selves front and center. Welcome to the YOU world.

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We Are...

  • A leading manufacturer of award-winning and technologically advanced commercial HVAC systems 
  • Powered by people centered management, the belief that our company only grows when each individual grows
  • A customer-focused team serving clients with robust end-to-end building solutions
  • A global network of engineering, manufacturing, sales, service, parts and solutions teams and sites
  • A member of the world’s largest air conditioning company, Daikin Industries, headquartered in Osaka, Japan
  • More than 8,000 people in 33 countries generating over $2 billion in revenue


Powered by
People Centered Management

Our people are the heart of our business. It’s not just a stock statement, it’s a guiding principle that comes to life from setting strategy, all the way down to daily activities and decision-making. People-Centered Management is the source of our competitive advantage, the reason Daikin is the world’s leading air-conditioning company. If you’re looking for an engaging career and growth opportunities in a supportive environment, join Daikin Applied today.

Career Opportunities

Our Values



Be proactive. Take straightforward, consistent actions. Display vertical leadership and horizontal cooperation.


Engage in extensive authentic discussions, listening to learn. Face-to-face discussions provide the most meaningful outcomes. Be the “nail that sticks out” in order to drive toward a more robust solution. Accept and value differences of each individual perspective.


Utilize the San-gen principle. Make a decision and revise the strategy in the course of implementation. Hold yourself and others accountable to commitments, seeking to optimize the whole.


Embrace diversity. Be kind and compassionate. Manage disagreements in such a way that personalities do not hinder good decisions. Create an inclusive culture where everyone can feel heard, valued and have a sense of belonging.


Always respect others. Be genuinely moved by others’ situation. Take an interest in others. See an individual’s good qualities first, assume positive intent. Do not reproach people for forward-looking mistakes.


Talent development of individuals/teams is a leader’s most important mission. Provide a safe environment for all to learn, participate and innovate. People achieve growth by taking on stretch assignments and being pushed beyond what they expect they can achieve. Take an interest in the career aspirations of the members of your team.


Think strategically, with a foundation of a healthy sense of crisis. Inspire others with a greater sense of purpose in pursuit of the organization’s dreams and aspirations.


Get input from all critical groups/individuals utilizing the 60/40 principle. If a critical mass exists, move forward. If not, the leader makes the call. Once the decision is made, act and speak as one.

Our People

Daikin Applied demonstrates our commitment to developing people through robust learning programs for early talent and valued employees.


Infuse Internship Program: college students gain valuable hands-on experience and make an impact while preparing for a future you’re passionate about. You’ll work on real projects, add your unique viewpoint and influence business initiatives.

Ignite Sales Development Program: provides world-class education focused on commercial HVAC equipment, building solutions, and sales methodologies, processes, and techniques, as well as giving you real-world experience on your journey to becoming a HVAC solutions sales person.

Graduate Engineers Transformed (GET): An invitation-only program designed primarily for field sales engineers, GET combines classroom and on-the-job training to expedite time-to-perform as a Sales Engineer.



Daikin Key Leadership Development Program: through a total immersion in Daikin Applied’s Vision, Mission and Values, the Key program grounds people leaders in the principles of People Centered Management to become a stronger leader of self, team and organization.

Dojo Training: Factory team members learn the fundamentals in the Braze, Weld and Multi-skill Dojos at each factory site. Assuring the best training in safety and environmental practices, Dojos are led by certified specialists trained at Daikin’s global headquarters in Japan.

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Diversity &

The success of our company is propelled by our differences. We foster a culture of inclusion to unleash the full potential of our employees and business. We encourage vigorous discussions and courageous decisions while balancing  humanity and respect to create harmonious relationships. And we continuously strive to build a place where everyone can be authentic, feel valued and be heard, and have a sense of purpose and belonging.


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