Built to Perform
with State-of-the-art Innovation

air handler unit
RoofPak® Semi-custom Outdoor Air Handler

Models RAH, RDS

RoofPak air handlers have become the preferred HVAC solution for thousands of prominent building projects through decades of innovation, design flexibility, durable construction, low capital and operating costs. Typical applications include schools, offices, shopping centers, manufacturing facilities, and more. Our RAH & RDS models are ideal options for a job where energy efficiency, reliability, acoustics, and indoor air quality are top priorities.

air handlers

Modular Construction with Walk-in Access

Utilizing high quality and state-of-the-art innovation, a large degree of emphasis has been put on providing increased flexibility within each unit. RoofPak® is a semi-custom air handler unit with the ability to satisfy a wide range of application specifications.

indoor air quality

100% Dedicated Outdoor Air

100% dedicated outdoor air, dehumidification, VAV, or constant volume operation provides efficient, reliable performance.

HVAC Controls for Remote Monitoring

Controls Integration

Easily integrate with the BAS of your choice by using MicroTech® III controls.