Delivering Energy Savings
That Building Owners Demand

Magnitude WMT
Magnitude® Magnetic Bearing Centrifugal Chiller

Models WME, WMC, WMT

The Magnitude® centrifugal chiller delivers energy savings that building owners demand. Using direct drive technology, integral variable-frequency drives, and R-134a, R-513A, R-515B, or R-1233zd(E) refrigerant, Magnitude® is up to 40% more efficient than standard centrifugal chillers and can save up to $4 million over the life of the chiller. Its quiet operation and proven reliability across the world’s largest installed base of chillers make Magnitude® the preferred choice across all types of building applications. Available from 86 to 1600 tons, Magnitude® centrifugal chillers offer the most comprehensive size range of oil-free magnetic bearing chillers.

RapidRestore® and RideThrough® Technology

Keep your mission critical operations cool when you need it most with industry-leading RideThrough and RapidRestore capabilities from Daikin. Combine these with the world’s most advanced chiller, and facility managers can breathe easier with maximum uptime and decreased disruptions to vital services.

Installed Base of Centrifugal Chiller

World's Largest Installed Base

Every day, around the world, offices, data centers, schools, colleges, hospitals and healthcare facilities are reaping the benefits of the proven Magnitude magnetic bearing chiller. Building owners and property managers count on the reliability and performance that thousands have experienced.

Oil-free Chiller System

Oil-free Design

Magnetic bearing technology eliminates oil, mechanical seals, wear surfaces, and gears for longer machine life and increased reliability. Facility managers can bank on their chillers running at peak efficiency year after year with a design that wipes out the risk of contamination from efficiency-robbing oil buildup on to heat-transfer surfaces.