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Industry-leading Efficiencies
that Exceed Standards

water source heat pump (WSHP)
SmartSource® High-efficiency Vertical WSHP

Models GSV, GTV

SmartSource water source heat pumps (WSHP), from 1/2 to 6 tons, combine industry-leading efficiencies with low-noise operation, high indoor air quality, and consistent air temperatures. These WSHPs are exceptionally quiet (46 dBA) with EC motors that are standard on all units. They are ideal for schools, clinics, office buildings, multi-unit living facilities and other projects, both new construction and retrofit, where high efficiency is a key specification. High EERs that far exceed ASHRAE 90.1 standards make these units perfect for LEED® projects and rebate opportunities.

office building

Low-Noise Operation

Two-stage units typically operate at low compressor and fan speeds resulting in quiet operation, very low energy consumption and very uniform room air temperatures.

geothermal heat pump

Excellent for Geothermal Applications

All units are available geothermal-ready from the factory with many features to easily match your application requirements.

indoor air quality

High Indoor Air Quality

Foil-faced and fiber-free insulation improve indoor air quality.