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We know the core of your business is education. A comfortable environment, expressed in terms of humidity, temperature, noise and air quality, is essential. Comfortable students are more alert and engaged … and that leads to learning and achievement.

Yet, we also know you have to balance comfort with other considerations. These can include initial and long-term (life cycle) costs as well as environmental responsibilities. You are also subject to the scrutiny of taxpayers as well as board, district, state and Federal governing agencies — not to mention associated mandates and laws. It’s complicated.

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Efficient Solutions

The initial outlay for optimized HVAC systems is just one component in the overall cost. Longer-term, the cost of energy and maintenance are significant factors as well. When you partner with Daikin, you’ll get access to our portfolio of advanced technologies that propel performance and energy savings to strengthen your school’s budget.

Inverter compressors and ECM fans, available on Rebel® and ThinLine, reduce energy usage by operating more efficiently at part load, where the building spends 99% of its time. This technology prevents the unit from cycling on and off, improving reliability and eliminating distracting equipment sounds in the classroom. With patented compressor design that is inherently quieter than competitors, Pathfinder’s® Variable Volume Ratio (VVR®) technology adjusts the compression ratio to meet load demands of the building, achieving maximized efficiency no matter the conditions.

When it comes to improving learning environments, start by investing in Daikin’s advanced HVAC technology which offers the quiet and clean comfort your students and staff deserve, at a budget your school can afford.

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