Restore Power
When & Where You Need it Most

Electrical Power Rentals
Electrical Power Rentals

Portable Power Rentals

A loss of facility power can be more than just a minor inconvenience. For many facilities, can put occupant safety at risk and can put an entire halt to business operations. Avoid costly electrical grid brownouts and blackouts with Daikin Rental Solutions. We offer a full line of professionally maintained, leading-edge power equipment and accessories to help you restore power where and when you need it most.

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contingency planning

Contingency planning for Equipment Outages

Forming a contingency plan for an equipment outage is an essential approach to securing the comfort and well being of your building occupants. That's why Daikin Rental Solutions provides customized contingency planning services, to help you quickly get operations back to normal, limit financial loss, and help you breathe easier when the unexpected happens.

portable load bank

Portable Generator Rentals for Any Application

Whether your facing an emergency outage, supplemental power requirements, or planned maintenance, it can be difficult to find a temporary power solution that fits your exact application demands. Daikin Rental Solutions offers a wide range of portable generator rentals to accommodate even the most demanding job sites. With models ranging up to 1 megawatt capacity and units durable enough to withstand extreme conditions, we can provide you with a power solution to meet your specific needs and budget.

Data Center Rentals

Validate Electrical System Integrity For Mission Critical Operations

When your equipment fails, downtime is costly to your business, especially for mission critical operations. Daikin Rental Solutions offers a range of portable and fixed-place load bank rentals for large utility testing applications. Our rental units are easy-to-use and serve as effective solution when verifying electrical system integrity in data centers, health care facilities, backup generator systems and more.