Two Chillers
in One Package

Centrifugal Chiller, Dual Compressor

Model WDC, WCC

Dual compressor chillers can provide installed cost savings up to 35% compared to installing two separate chillers by reducing piping, valves, controls, rigging and control wiring. Component redundancy connected to the evaporator and condenser enhances reliability—if any compressor fails, it can be removed or repaired without shutting down the other compressor.

Available from 600 to 2500 tons, dual compressor chillers offer excellent full-load and part-load performance for increased energy savings. This industrial chiller occupies less floor space than having multiple single compressor chillers, while delivering the equivalent combined capacities. Using R-134a or R-513A refrigerant, these chillers easily integrate with building automation systems, are seismic compliant, quiet, and have a wide operating range for ideal operation at varying lift conditions. When building access and floor space is limited, the reduced footprint and knockdown option allows entry into tight corridor and equipment rooms, making them ideal for large central plants, and both new and replacement applications.

Industrial chiller

Two Chillers in One Package

Dual compressor centrifugal chillers take up less floor space than multiple single compressor chillers while delivering the combined capacity.

Condensor with Reduced Installed Cost

Reduces Installed Costs

Compared to installing two separate chillers, a dual compressor chiller can provide installed costs savings of up to 35 percent.


Ozone-Friendly Refrigerant

The dual compressor centrifugal chiller features positive pressure design with R-134a refrigerant which has no ozone depletion potential and no phase-out schedule, or R-513A refrigerant which has the additional benefit of lower GWP (global warming potential).