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Condensing Unit
Condensing Units

Model RCS

Whether your priority is lifecycle costs, initial costs or performance, we have a solution. Daikin offers a wide range of condensing units from 6 to 140 tons with a full range of options to meet efficiency, performance or serviceability requirements. Our model RCS condensing unit meets ASHRAE 90.1 2010 efficiencies, uses scroll compressors for reliability, offers optional condenser fans for quiet operation, and provides low ambient operation range down to 0°F.


Scroll Compressors for Reliability

Enjoy reliable operation. These condensing units feature scroll compressors which have fewer moving parts. They also feature two circuits on all units over 20 tons to provide backup cooling.


Quiet Operation

Reduce radiated sound by 11dB with an optional quiet condenser fan on units over 20 tons.

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Low Ambient Operation Range

Applications in colder climates will appreciate the unit's low ambient operation range down to 0°F (optional).