Air Handlers

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Common applications:
  • Education
  • Government
  • Office
  • Healthcare

Indoor and outdoor air handlers are used to condition and circulate large volumes of air throughout a space via ductwork. Air handlers are part of a system using either a chiller with cooled water or a condensing unit in a direct expansion (DX) system. Dictated by local codes and based on the application, each air handler will have a different set of needs including, but not limited to, fresh air intake, humidity control, heating, filtration, and energy recovery. In general, an air handling unit will use a mixture of outside air and recirculated air from the building to filter, cool, and heat. Energy recovery devices are used to transfer heat or moisture from exhausted air to supply air, or vice versa. This helps reduce energy usage while providing fresh air to the building.  

air handler industry leading tech


To meet and exceed demanding building performance criteria, our air handling units integrate advanced HVAC technologies including:

  • Class 6 leakage rating
  • ECM fan array
  • Energy recovery
  • Heat options
  • Thermal breaks
  • Configurable design