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Rebel® Commercial Outdoor Chilled Water Air Handler

Model DAH

Rebel outdoor chilled water air handling system, from 500 to 11,500 cfm, is designed around what matters most to you. Rebel’s highly-customizable design allows specifying engineers to build a streamlined air handler with minimal options to fit a building owner's budget. Or, design a unique, high-performance air handler loaded with factory-installed features and options. Combined with either Pathfinder® or Trailblazer® air-cooled chillers, Rebel offers engineers and building owners a chilled water solution featuring technologies that provide for a complete single-sourced system that capitalizes on the 22+ IPLV performance of an air-cooled chiller. This delivers a staggering 30% increase in efficiency that adds to your bottom line.

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Superior Single-source Chilled Water Solution

Building on our innovative and award-winning Rebel® heating and DX cooling packaged rooftop platform, comes the new Rebel rooftop air handler. Combined with Pathfinder® and Trailblazer® air-cooled chillers, Rebel offers engineers and building owners a superior single-source chilled water solution. Capitalize on the industry-leading 22+ IPLV performance of a Daikin air-cooled chiller and combine it with Rebel's flexible options to precisely match your application needs.

What Matters Most

Designed Around What Matters Most

Tailor your HVAC solution to your job application and long-term goals by configuring a system designed around what matters most. Build a commercial air handler that fits your budget or design loaded with factory-installed options. No surprises here. Regardless of what you decide, your air handler will arrive on site as a complete packaged solution: ready to start delivering better air.

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Built for Better Energy Outcomes

Imagine using an air handler unit that reduces fan energy so much that you notice it in your energy expense reporting. With our embedded technology, you’ll witness up to 15% savings in fan energy by relying on our ECM fan and direct drive technology vs traditional belt-driven fans. Built to meet AHRI codes in arid climates, Rebel has a factory-installed energy recovery wheel or CORE® enthalpy heat exchanger. This captures and recycles lost energies for a 40% increase in operating efficiency and exceeds ASHRAE’s 90.1 standard, producing better energy outcomes for your application.