Industry-leading Performance
and Design Flexibility

indoor air handler
Vision® Semi-custom Indoor Air Handler

Models CAC, CAH

Demands for improved indoor air quality, low sound, high operating efficiency, and smaller mechanical rooms require a better product for today’s air handler market. The Vision® air handling unit is designed to meet or exceed these demands. The key to providing such a high-quality product is in the basic design – it has patented construction that provides unequaled thermal efficiencies and low leak rates. Vision® also combats air contamination with micro-filtration, bacteria-defeating UV lights, mold-resistant drain pans, and anti-microbial liners to produce a healthier building environment.

Vision SVT

Sorbent Ventilation Technology

Sorbent Ventilation Technology (SVT) removes CO2, VOCs and other contaminants using sorbent filtration that absorbs pollutants while allowing oxygen and water to pass through freely, resulting in cleaner air. When applied using ASHRAE 62.1’s IAQ Procedure (IAQP), SVT provides the clean air changes needed for healthy indoor spaces, allowing building operators to decrease the volume of outdoor air needed and the total cooling load of their buildings, simplifying retrofits, enhancing IAQ, while trimming HVAC energy use by up to 30%.

Industry-first Space Saver

With productive space at a premium, you demand an air handler with a tight footprint. Our industry-first, factory-installed ECM fan array dramatically shrinks cabinet space by 46% compared to direct-drive cabinets with VFDs, creating award-winning space solutions so you can deliver important building functionality.

ERW for air handling unit

Boosted Efficiency

The financial burden to condition ventilation accounts for up to 50% of your building’s total energy cost. Save energy cost with energy recovery options that condition and transfer heat and moisture energies between exhaust and ventilation streams–effectively recovering 70% of lost energies to dramatically increase operating efficiencies and to further amplify those gain gained by our factory-installed ECM fan array.

Improved Air Quality and Comfort

Air quality and occupant comfort are vital to most buildings. Vision delivers on both by distributing fresh air that’s been treated and improved through a myriad of conditioning options. Advanced micro-filtration selections, bacteria defeating UV lights, mold-resistant drain pans, and anti-microbial liners—all Vision options that combat air contamination to produce a more healthy and refreshing building environment.