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At Daikin, it’s not just about products, or even fully integrated systems. It’s about a holistic understanding of your needs and providing project-specific solutions that lead to better patient outcomes. Hospitals, clinics and other healthcare environments pose an array of complex challenges. The air in operating theaters must be kept cool, pure and precisely humidified to minimize the growth and spread of bacterial and infectious agents. Patient rooms, however, must be kept warm and comfortable to promote faster healing. Further, common and other specialty areas call for a range of different, but precisely-controlled conditions. The bottom line is patient outcomes; satisfaction and experience are critical to an institution’s reputation … and thereby the financial health of the organization. Staff comfort is important in this equation as well. That is why healthcare facilities continually turn to Daikin to help them navigate and design to the exacting requirements of their facilities.

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Healthcare studies prove there’s a direct correlation between clinical outcomes and the strategic management of environmental factors like temperature, humidity, and air quality. As a leading HVAC innovator, Daikin brings cutting-edge technologies, including advanced micro-filtration selections, bacteria defeating UV lights, mold-resistant drain pans, and anti-microbial liners – all Vision® and Skyline® options that combat air contamination to produce a healthier healing environment. Daikin’s factory-installed ECM fan array delivers award-winning, space and cost-saving cabinet design that also yields greater efficiencies, quieter operation, and N+1 redundancy. In hospitals, there’s no time for downed systems and delayed patient care during life-threatening situations. In the case of a power loss, many hospitals rely on RapidRestore® and RideThrough® technology to restart their Magnitude® chillers in as fast as 43 seconds after power is restored. Depend on Daikin's HVAC systems to deliver uninterrupted superior indoor air quality (IAQ) for the best patient outcomes.

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