Pre-engineered Flexibility
for New Construction and Retrofit

self contained hvac system
Self-Contained Systems

Model SWP

Self-contained systems, from 20 to 130 tons, offer design flexibility, durable construction, quiet operation, and low installation and operating costs for multi-story projects. They are an ideal option for jobs where energy efficiency, reliability, indoor air quality and acoustics are top priorities. Along with providing high quality and state-of-the-art technology, SWP self-contained systems offer valuable features and benefits to satisfy a wide range of diverse applications.

self contained ac unit

Pre-engineered Flexibility

Decades of innovation, design flexibility, durable construction, low capitol and operating cost make Daikin the leader of the self-contained system market and the preferred HVAC solution for thousand of most prominent building projects. Our Model SWP self-contained AC unit is available to install as a complete system or modular system that can be easily disassembled to navigate narrow hallways, elevators, and doorways.

self contained air conditioner unit in building

Significant Installed Cost Savings

Compared to chilled water systems, Daikin's floor-by-floor self-contained AC units can provide significant installed cost savings.

self contained air conditioner

Higher Operating Efficiencies

By combining high-efficiency scroll compressors, direct-expansion cooling, water-cooled condensers, water economizers and VAV control, Daikin self-contained air conditioner units provide significantly higher operating efficiencies than alternative systems. Efficiencies that greatly exceed ASHRAE Standard 90.1 guidelines are the norm with Daikin's self-contained systems.