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for Quality and Performance

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VAV Terminal Unit


Terminal units reduce energy costs and minimize carbon footprint. Daikin’s single duct VAV boxes, from 80 to 8000 CFM, provide high performance and set the standard in the industry for construction, performance, and quality. Our fan-powered terminal units, available as parallel and series, provide operating cost savings through reduced central fan horsepower and use of waste heat recovery.

VAV System Terminal Unit

Single Duct VAV Boxes

This terminal unit is at the core of today’s variable air volume systems. The primary function of Daikin's single duct terminal unit is to regulate conditioned air flow into an occupied zone in response to a control signal.

vav unit

Fan Powered Air Terminal Units (Parallel and Series)

Fan powered terminals are typically used for heating and cooling perimeter zones. Operating cost savings can be achieved through the use of waste heat recovery from the ceiling plenum and from reduced central fan HP.

variable air volume

Consistent and Reliable Comfort

Variable air volume boxes are a key component of our MicroTech® Integrated system for VAV system applications, providing consistent and reliable comfort for building occupants.