Rebel B Cabinet Heat Pump
Rebel Cooling & Heat Pump Systems

Model DPS

Upgrade your HVAC systems and join the Rebel revolution - the ultimate packaged rooftop solution for industry-leading performance and climate-controlled comfort. Enjoy year-round cooling and heating with Rebel’s new 3-31 ton heat pump design, even in temperatures as low as -10°F. With Rebel's cutting-edge technology and low-GWP R-32 refrigerant, you’ll help remove reliance on fossil fuel, lessen carbon footprint, and support environmental initiatives – all while achieving astounding energy savings of up to 55% above ASHRAE standards. Rebel’s remarkable part-load efficiencies of up to 22.7 IEER make it perfect for any low-rise commercial building — from schools and healthcare facilities to office and manufacturing buildings, Rebel has got you covered. Upgrade to Rebel and experience the power of performance and sustainability.

Rebel heat pump

Direct Expansion (DX) Heat Pump

Leveraging Rebel's inverter compressor to ramp up to higher speeds during heating mode provides superior levels of heat pump capacity compared to traditional DX heat pumps using staged compression.

Rebel Rooftop AC Unit Inverter Compressor

Inverter Compressor

At the core of Rebel’s advanced technologies is the inverter scroll compressor that gives you superior temperature/humidity control, energy efficiencies and cost savings unmatched by typical compressors.

Rebel energy recovery wheel

Energy Recovery

By incorporating an energy recovery wheel or fixed plate heat exchanger energy recovery system, Rebel can help improve overall energy efficiency by recovering and reusing energy that would otherwise be wasted. This can result in significant energy savings of up to 40%, particularly for facilities with high heating or cooling demands. 

Rebel ECMs

EC Fan Motors

Compared to traditional fan motors, electronically commutated (EC) fan motors deliver significantly higher efficiency and substantial energy cost savings utilizing permanent magnets that eliminate energy losses and advanced electronic controls that enable direct energy conversion and variable speed operation that minimizes energy waste and reduces the cooling load. Additionally, ECM fans require minimal maintenance by eliminating belts and bearings, contributing to reliable performance throughout their extended lifecycle.