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Daikin Applied Introduces Portable Room Air Purifiers

With Custom Filtration Options, the New Daikin Air Purifier Helps Capture Harmful Contaminants and Improve Indoor Air Quality

MINNEAPOLIS - June 2, 2021

Daikin Applied today introduced the Daikin Air Purifier, a line of portable room air purifiers designed to improve indoor air quality (IAQ) while helping reduce the risk of airborne infections and pollutants. The air purifiers help remove a host of contaminants — dust, pollen, mold, bacteria and germs — and are built to supplement ventilation and filtration in classrooms, healthcare clinics, restaurants, churches, office buildings and similar facilities.

The air purifiers come in two models, each with different levels of air-purification technology. 
The Premium Air Purifier features HEPA filtration that captures up to 99.97 percent of pollutants and pathogens that are 0.3 microns or larger. The Economy model comes with a MERV 13 filter, in line with ASHRAE’s guidance for in-room air cleaners. All units also include two-stage filtration to bolster the purifier’s ability to capture harmful particles without restricting airflow or efficiency.

Both Premium and Economy models are available in two nominal capacity ranges: 500 cubic feet of airflow per minute (CFM) and 1,000 CFM. This means the air purifiers can deliver enough filtered air to meet ASHRAE recommendations based on square footage and occupancy levels.

In addition, the units are delivered fully assembled, plug into standard wall outlets and are easy to move from room to room. They can be set up in minutes and used by virtually anyone.

“IAQ was important before the pandemic, but now it’s a universal concern and need,” said Jim Macosko, general manager, Daikin Applied.  “However, many organizations don’t have the resources or personnel to overhaul their HVAC systems. The new in-room air purifiers provide an easy and cost-effective way to remove contaminants and provide quality air — in a compact and portable unit, with simple set up, and the backing of proven filtration technology."

The two models of the Daikin Air Purifier are:

  • Premium – Features a 4-inch MERV 13 pre-filter and HEPA post-filter.
  • Economy – Features a 2-inch MERV 8 pre-filter and a 4-inch MERV 13 post-filter.

All air purifiers come with variable-speed fans that adjust circulation to meet the specific needs of each space. And the rugged, furniture-grade cabinet construction provides convenient service access and ensures quiet operation.

The new offerings add to Daikin Applied’s efforts to enhance IAQ and the overall health of buildings. 
The business offers a suite of services and technologies designed to deliver quality air, control the transmission of airborne pathogens, and make sure facilities meet ASHRAE recommendations related to COVID-19 and building readiness. The business also recently joined the International WELL Building Institute as a Cornerstone member.

The Daikin Air Purifier is currently available. Learn more about the technology and find a local sales representative. And follow Daikin Applied on LinkedIn for information about commercial HVAC equipment, services and trends. 

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Media Contact:
Aaron Parker
Director of Communications, Daikin Applied