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Daikin Applied Announces Upgrades to Its Pathfinder Air-Cooled Screw Chiller

Enhancements offer more efficiency and flexibility to serve a broader range of applications

MINNEAPOLIS - Oct. 12, 2022

Daikin Applied today announced upgrades to its award-winning, 100%-configurable Pathfinder® air-cooled screw chiller. Already the most efficient air-cooled screw chiller on the market, these upgrades will deliver even greater energy savings in the same footprint, as well as additional flexibility with the option to add factory-installed pump packages.

“The enhancements to the Pathfinder chiller are a testament to Daikin’s commitment to innovation and continual improvement,” said Jim Macosko, vice president of product marketing and applications, Daikin Applied. “By adding technologies that allow for increased efficiency and a reduced footprint, we’re able to solve a broader range of customer challenges and build on our efforts to move the HVAC industry in a more sustainable direction.”

Higher Efficiency Compressor
One of the new options for the Pathfinder is a higher efficiency compressor. The new compressor configuration continues to feature Daikin’s industry-leading VVR® technology and additionally boasts higher efficiency than the standard compressor, especially at part-load conditions, where a chiller typically operates most of the time.

This upgrade doesn’t affect the form factor of the Pathfinder so it will allow for better full- and part-load efficiency for a given unit footprint. This efficiency-focused solution is particularly beneficial for spaces that are footprint constrained, such as data centers, or for those that are trying to achieve a specific efficiency threshold.

Factory-Installed Pump Packages
The Pathfinder is also now available with factory-installed pump packages. An option for both the packaged and “free-cooling” models, the integrated pumps provide increased flexibility for engineers, contractors, and building owners and operators. As the pumps are powered and enabled by the chiller, they offer increased convenience and speed of equipment installation, eliminating the need to size, source and install the system pumps separately — making for an even more seamless experience.

ECM Condenser Fan Motors
Daikin has released new condenser fan motor options for the chiller as well. Customers can choose to switch from induction motors, the standard option, to electronically commutated motors (ECMs) for free-cooling units, allowing for better part-load efficiency and integrated part-load value (IPLV). In addition to the standard horsepower ECM motors, optional higher horsepower ECM motors are also available to compensate for higher static pressure drops or to increase the condenser airflow to achieve better efficiency or capacity for a given unit footprint.

These new motors will also enable an RPM Sound Reduction Mode, which will allow the operator to limit the fan speed to better optimize sound levels, especially during nighttime operation or when noise ordinances are in place. This technology is also featured on Daikin’s Trailblazer® air-cooled scroll chiller.

Pathfinder has received recognition from numerous organizations, including the AHR Innovation Award and Frost & Sullivan Manufacturing Leadership Award. It was also voted among the best new products for Consulting-Specifying Engineer’s Product of the Year awards.

To learn more about Pathfinder, and the full range of commercial and industrial HVAC equipment and solutions from Daikin Applied, visit Also, follow the company on LinkedIn for the latest on HVAC technology, services and trends

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