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The Joseph Groh Foundation | Grant Recipient | Judy's Story

Mar 7, 2022

In 2020, Jimmy was working as a millwright and as a member of the Local 1091 Carpenters union in Bismarck, North Dakota. Jimmy lived with his wife, Judy, and they traveled together to many of the states across the upper Midwest for construction projects that Jimmy’s firm worked on. On many of these projects, Jimmy was the foreman. Unfortunately, Jimmy suffered a stroke which brought with it many ancillary medical issues at the time. Seeking help and assistance, Jimmy and Judy contacted the Joseph Groh Foundation, in an effort to help fund their bathroom remodel for accessibility. Fortunately, the foundation was able to help fund the project, helping create a positive impact on Jimmy’s day-to-day life.

In June 2021 Jimmy passed away unexpectedly in his sleep.

Unsurprisingly, this loss had an immense impact on Judy. Additionally, shortly after Jimmy's passing, Judy was declared disabled. Years of hard work on the family dairy farm resulted in Judy developing mobility issues. She now faces ongoing struggles with degeneration of her vertebrae, severe osteoarthritis of her knee which will require surgery, heart issues and other medical complications. The winter of 2021/22 has been difficult for Judy, and she reached back out to the Joseph Groh Foundation for one additional request for assistance after the first couple of major snowfalls. She sought heated mats for a ramp and deck area by her door.

Due to the generosity and loyalty of donors, the Joseph Groh Foundation was able to grant her request.

Judy's New Ramp In The Entry Area to the Home.

Judy's new ramp in the entry area to her home.

After the mats were installed Judy reached out to the foundation in appreciation, writing, "Thank you again for your help. It has been difficult since Jimmy’s passing, we get a lot of snow here in North Dakota and we are very rural. If I were to fall shoveling snow, I could be outside a long time before an ambulance could make it. My mother is old and brittle, a cancer survivor who relies on me. We are now two widows living alone in rural North Dakota on the farm we both grew up on. Thank you again for all your assistance!"

Daikin is a proud supporter of The Joseph Groh Foundation, which is dedicated to providing information, advocacy and financial support to people in the contracting industry who are affected with life-altering disabilities. Judy's story is made possible through the generous donations. Light your beacon for others and become a Joseph Groh Foundation Luminary today.