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More Than a Manufacturer

October 1, 2019

Web connectivity is not new for building automation systems (BAS), but the vast number of devices that can be networked at a low cost is new. This flips the paradigm on proprietary, closed, and manually intensive controls systems. Taking extra cost out of setup and installation, imagine how disruptive pre-programmed controls like Daikin’s Intelligent Solutions® are to traditional controls manufacturers.

This disruptive innovation was evident to Frost & Sullivan who recognized Daikin Applied with this year’s Frost Radar® Best Practices Award for Innovation Excellence in our Intelligent Equipment® platform. While Daikin is relatively new to the realm of controls, receiving this award is a testament to our continued investment in the Americas. Daikin is already leapfrogging other companies who have limited their products with closed designs. By addressing the emerging challenges and opportunities of the future, Intelligent Equipment sets the pace for reinventing solutions.

One of those emerging trends points toward the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) across many parts of our daily lives. Whether we realize it or not, AI is constantly in our midst, predicting consumer tastes and habits. Daikin is creating AI to take equipment and energy management to a new level. With the Internet of Things, customers can connect to third party devices, sensors, and external applications like smart grid solutions. Machine-to-machine (M2M) learning will make building owners more aware about energy consumption and spending, comfort of the occupants, and the overall air quality inside the building. “Intelligent controls that use M2M learning could effectively provide recommendations to the building owner and technicians that result in less energy consumption, fewer HVAC repairs, and a potential lower cost of insurance due to catastrophic equipment failures,” said Mike Hoppe, product leader of Intelligent Solutions, Daikin Applied.

This visionary understanding of the future is exactly what the Frost Radar Best Practices Award recognizes in Daikin. Considering the context of today’s intense competitive environment and rapid technology evolution, “Daikin Applied’s receipt of this Award signifies an even greater accomplishment” – that of many individuals working together to make daily choices that contribute in a meaningful way to the future, said Frost & Sullivan. We’re proud to be more than just an equipment manufacturer; we are a solutions provider, creating the innovative work to ensure our customers benefit from the best outcomes.