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Daikin360 brings flexible, energy-saving solutions to help you control your maintenance & operational costs



We understand that your building is one of your company’s most significant investments, and a cornerstone of growth and success. Our expertise in HVAC systems, delivered through Daikin360 Integrated Service Solutions, can help make your building your second-best employee by creating an ideal environment and quality air that propels your people and customers forward. Plus, our advanced energy-saving solutions and protective maintenance plans can help you control your maintenance and operational costs. From high-rises and hotels to data centers, plants, schools and hospitals, we provide world-class support to a diverse range of commercial and industrial facilities worldwide. You can count on Daikin Applied for advanced technology, agility and reliability.

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You Need Us

We deliver extraordinary results for remarkable value. This means being ready for you whenever, wherever and however you need us. Your Daikin Service team is on standby with well-outfitted local resources that are backed by the world’s number one air-conditioning company. Whether you’re looking to extend the life of your equipment or to drive efficiency into every aspect of your business, our team will identify the solutions to meet you where you are today and take you where you want to go.

Our Brand

Our world is evolving. This decade brings an increased focus on indoor air quality (IAQ); the desire for intelligent, connected systems; and a rigorous commitment to efficiency and sustainability. We are all spending more time indoors and that’s projected to increase. At Daikin, our goal is to make that time as productive and pleasant as possible, with superior comfort and quality air. Let us help you build convenience, confidence and excellence into your buildings, and free up your people to work toward your mission. Whether you need immediate service, routine maintenance or an expert consultant, Daikin is here to help.




Imagine shifting from a reactive mode — faced with the cost of a chiller at the end of its life, for example — to proactive mode — being able to plan for the date a capital expense will occur. When you track your assets, you’ll gain clarity on capital and operational expenses, as well as monthly workflow. Daikin Service has a proprietary asset management system that allows us to track the data from an individual unit or an entire system to minimize guesswork and surprises. By helping you anticipate risk, we can provide a plan that gives you ample notice and options. We can also help you gauge whether you are on par, ahead of, or behind peers and industry standards.


Procure your service projects using the right financial tools. Daikin Service will help guide you in a way that is transparent, seamless, timely and cost-effective. We can design a procurement strategy no matter your needs — large to small, indirect to direct.

Cooperative purchasing networks, for instance, ensure full compliance by making sure jobs are competitively bid on a regular basis. Vendors must meet all national, state and local mandates, and provide competitive quotes. These networks come with increased purchasing power and a simpler buying process. And, participants have access to Daikin’s full scope of advanced technology solutions, including commercial HVAC systems, comprehensive HVAC services and turnkey solutions.