VAV Terminal Units

Reduce energy costs and minimize carbon footprint

Variable air volume (VAV) boxes are a key component of our MicroTech® Integrated system for VAV applications, providing consistent and reliable comfort for building occupants.

Daikin offers a variety of VAV terminal boxes to meet your system needs.

vavSingle Duct Boxes

The variable air volume (VAV) box Model MQTHI5 is our high performance single duct air terminal product line. This series is available in a wide range of sizes with available capacities from 80 to 8,000 CFM. The MQTHI5 unit sets the standard in the industry for construction, performance, and quality.

  • Supplied with a round inlet collar on unit sizes 6"-16" and rectangular inlets on sizes 20" and 24"
  • Outlets are rectangular with slip and drive connections
  • Units include an external 20-gauge control mounting panel
  • Control panel covers are included on all units

vav2Fan Powered AirTerminal Units - Parallel and Series

Fan-powered terminal units, provide a variable volume of airflow via the primary air valve. The fan is only operated in the heating mode. Series MQFVI5 is available in seven casing sizes. Basic units include the following construction features.

  • inlet velocity sensor
  • 1" dual density fiberglass insulation
  • flanged discharge connection
  • btm. access panel
  • SCR fan speed control
  • 20 gauge primary air valve
  • 22 gauge casing
  • 18 gauge discharge
  • control enclosure with mounting plate
  • ECM motors available on case sizes 3 and 6




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