Improve Indoor Air Quality
with 100% Outside Air

SmartSource® Dedicated Outdoor Air System (DOAS) WSHP

Models WGOV

Dedicated outside air systems (DOAS) bring the outside in by drawing 100% outside air through the unit and into the building’s HVAC system to improve indoor air quality and ensure that proper ventilation is efficiently delivered to the desired space.

The SmartSource DOAS water source heat pump is designed to accommodate a diverse range of entering air conditions ranging from the hottest summer days to the coldest winter nights. It provides advanced unit control features for maximum application flexibility, incorporates an impressive array of leading technologies to provide premium performance, achieving up to a 7.1 ISMRE rating that is 66% higher than ASHRAE’s 90.1-2019 minimum efficiency, and is offered at a very attractive price.

Airflow in DOAS System

Smartboost Heating

Daikin’s exclusive SmartBoost Heat Technology™ revolutionizes heating operation for water source heat pumps by utilizing the hot gas reheat coil in addition to the unit’s primary DX coil. This allows outside air to enter the unit as low as 0°F without use of pre-heat, while acquiring heating efficiencies as high as 5.1 ISCOP per AHRI 920-2020.

Fan blower for indoor DOAS unit

Shaftless Blower(s) with EC Fan Motor(s)

With electronically commutated fan motors and industry leading shaftless blower technology, SmartSource DOAS delivers high efficiencies to ensure premium performance. Each DOAS can be programmed for either constant or variable airflow control, ranging from 70% to 200% of nominal airflow while attaining external static pressures over 2.0”.

Scroll Compressors for Water Source Heat Pump

Multi-Stage Tandem Scroll Compressors

Incorporating 8 stages of compression and active superheat control, SmartSource DOAS provides just the right amount of capacity, from 100% all the way down to 30%, to reach the desired supply air temperature and humidity level.