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Daikin Applied Introduces Magnitude WMT: A High-Efficiency Water-Cooled Chiller with an Ultra-Low GWP Refrigerant

Oil-free magnetic bearing technology combined with a two-stage centrifugal compressor helps customers maximize energy efficiency and decarbonization

Minneapolis, MN - November 29, 2023

Daikin Applied today introduced Magnitude® WMT, a next-generation magnetic bearing centrifugal chiller that is able to deliver market-leading energy savings at all points of operation. WMT is the only chiller designed for the ultra-low global warming potential (GWP) refrigerant R-1233zd(E) that also features oil-free magnetic bearing technology and a two-stage compressor. This combination provides premium performance and reliability while helping decrease carbon emissions and environmental impact.

“Magnitude WMT is the new gold standard for centrifugal chillers, and a sign of the future of sustainable heating and cooling,” said Jim Macosko, vice president of product and sustainability solutions at Daikin Applied. “The chiller checks all the critical boxes for engineers and owners — comfort, efficiency, reliability — and reduces a facility’s carbon footprint at the same time. These are the markers of the advancements that Daikin has and will continue to bring to the industry.“

Reducing Emissions and Maintenance
The use of low-GWP refrigerants is one of the pillars of building decarbonization. And the WMT helps customers further their environmental goals by using R-1233zd(E), a high-efficiency refrigerant with ultra-low GWP of 1. Plus, the chiller’s magnetic bearing compressor with a variable frequency drive provides additional energy efficiency gains, and eliminates lubrication, mechanical seals, wear surfaces and gears. With only one main moving component, the oil-free design reduces friction and potential points of failure, which simplifies maintenance and extends the life of the equipment.

Efficiency Gains in a Smaller Footprint
The WMT’s compressor features a two-stage impeller layout enhanced by a refrigerant economizer. The dual-stage setup maximizes part-load performance, which is important because most chillers operate at off-design conditions approximately 99% of the time. With industry-leading full-load efficiency of 0.50 kilowatts per ton (kW/ton) and part-load efficiency of 0.30 kW/ton, the WMT is up to 40% more efficient than standard centrifugal chillers. Achieving these benchmarks while simultaneously offering the smallest unit footprint and volume size compared to similar chillers gives engineers an ideal option for equipment retrofits and applications with limited space.

Reliability for Mission-Critical Facilities
RapidRestore® and RideThrough®, standard features in Magnitude chillers, offer peace of mind during complete or temporary power loss in data centers and other mission-critical facilities. WMT’s low in-rush current at startup is ideal for operations with backup or emergency power systems, and offers the best restart, capacity ramp-up and power trip resilience capabilities to maximize uptime, and decrease disruptions to cooling and vital services. These features can even reduce costs by eliminating the need for a facility to have a waterside economizer.

The unique design and attributes of Magnitude WMT create an opportunity to deliver more efficient comfort solutions across several vertical markets and support industry decarbonization efforts overall. To learn more about WMT and the full range of Daikin Applied solutions, and to find a local sales representative, visit Also, follow Daikin Applied on LinkedIn for the latest on commercial HVAC equipment, services and trends.

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Daikin Applied, a member of Daikin Industries, Ltd., designs and manufactures advanced commercial and industrial HVAC systems for customers around the world. The company’s technology and services play a vital role in creating comfortable, efficient and sustainable spaces to work and live — and in delivering quality air to workers, tenants and building owners. Daikin Applied solutions are sold through a global network of dedicated sales, service and parts offices. For more information or to locate a Daikin Applied representative, visit or call 800-432-1342.  


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