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The Joseph Groh Foundation | Grant Recipient | Stanley Osborne

Jan 1, 2023


The Osborne Family

Stanley Osborne was involved in the HVAC industry in a variety of capacities throughout his career. In Lawrenceville, Georgia in 1986 he founded Osborne Services, an HVAC and electrical contractor, specializing in the installation of high-efficiency HVAC and electrical systems.

In August 2005, Stanley was involved in a Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) that left him with spinal cord injuries.

The accident left him with head and neck injuries that caused peripheral neuropathy, a condition that occurs when nerves outside the brain and spinal court are damaged. This typically results in weakness, numbness, and pain, but can also cause issues with the G.I. tract.

As a part of his recovery process, Stanley went through many procedures to try to get relief from the symptoms caused by his condition. Finally, he underwent complete fusion surgery which included a titanium cage implant. After some serious physical therapy and rehabilitation, he was able to take a position at Gwinnett Technical College in Lawrenceville, as an instructor for HVAC, refrigeration, and electrical courses. He taught there for 11 years before moving to Heatcraft Refrigeration, where he served as a senior technical training consultant for three years.

During his time with Heatcraft Refrigeration, Stanley’s health worsened, and he found that he had developed sciatica, a condition that causes debilitating pain that comes in waves. This heavily affected his work practice, as he could no longer travel by air for his business ventures.

Later in his career, Stanley took up an office position as Chief Building Inspector for the Gwinnett County Planning and Development group. Here, he conducted job performance appraisals, quality assurance evaluations, participated in budget planning and served on a hiring committee for new inspectors.

At this point, Stanley’s health continued to deteriorate. The pain, weakness and numbing/tingling from his sciatica had gotten to the point where he was unable to work, so he now needed to apply for short/long-term disability. Stanley found this transition to be incredibly difficult. His salary dropped by 40% and he no longer could rely on workplace benefits.

Soon, the time came when Stanley Stanley’s needs evolved to where the configuration of his bathroom no longer could meet the needs of his health. He decided that he needed to remodel his bathroom with grab bars, an elongated toilet and a walk-in tub. The tub would allow him to soak and get much-needed relief from his painful back without going to physical therapy.

During his online research, Stanley discovered the Joseph Groh Foundation. This organization provides dedicated support to individuals in the contracting industry who have been impacted by life-altering disabilities.


Thanks to the generosity of the Foundation's supporters, Stanley's request was granted. This enabled the construction of a new, accessible wet bath shower, vastly improving his quality of life.

When the work had been completed Stanley wrote to the foundation saying, “I cannot thank you enough, and I am so appreciative of what your foundation has done for me.”

Daikin proudly supports the Joseph Groh Foundation. Stanley's story serves as a testament to the positive impact made possible through the generous donations of the Foundation's sponsors. Join us in lighting the way for others and become a Joseph Groh Foundation Luminary today.