Intelligent Solutions®

Daikin is on a mission to ensure you get the most from your HVAC systems and controls, without the unnecessary complexity that prevents engagement among even the most proficient users.

Our Intelligent Solutions® put factory know-how at your fingertips to streamline HVAC system installation and unit management, and ultimately, strengthen your bottom line.

Intelligent Solutions are plug-and-play and have an intuitive user interface that makes them easy to use, wherever you are. They can increase the efficiency of your HVAC equipment, reduce the total cost of ownership, and even eliminate the need for costly BAS.

Simpler, more affordable, more effective HVAC equipment management. Now that’s intelligent.

Steel Hands Brewing (Cayce, SC) selected Daikin's Intelligent Equipment and Trailblazer® chiller when they opened their doors for business. Both play an extremely important role in the brewing process and have given them the peace of mind they need to stay focused on what they do best, brewing GREAT beer!

Daikin Intelligent Equipment

Intelligent Equipment®

Real-Time Monitoring and Control of Equipment at the unit level

Intelligent Systems®*

Single source pre-engineered controls at the system level.

*formerly known as MicroTech  Integrated Systems

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