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unit heatersMany industrial and commercial unit heating applications will suggest the use of a combination of all unit heater types offered by Daikin. The broadness of the Daikin line permits greater discrimination in the selection of a unit heater which most specifically meets an application requirement.

Horizontal Unit Heaters Characterized by its horizontal air delivery, this unit heater is widely used for general industrial and commercial heating. Horizontally positioned louvers (standard) attached to the air-discharge side of the unit can be adjusted to lengthen or shorten heat throw and/or decrease or increase the mounting height. Adjustable vertical louvers (optional) when used in combination with horizontal louvers permit complete directional control of heated air.

Vertical Unit Heaters Due to their directly downward air discharge, vertical units are particularly desirable for heating areas with high ceilings and where craneways and other obstructions dictate higher mounting of heating equipment. Four air distribution devices providing distinctively different heat-throw patterns are offered to meet specific heat-throw and heat-spread requirements.

  • 2-pipe applications, up to 150 psig steam or 220 psig, 375°F water
  • Copper coils, 1/2" diameter, with aluminum fins (12 per inch)
  • Horizontal louvers standard, vertical louvers an option on all models
  • Intermittent or continuous fan operation controls (optional)
  • Standard 115/60/1 PSC motors, enclosed with thermal overload protection
  • 230/60/1; 200/60/3; 230/460/60/3 motors available
  • Explosion proof motors available (FUDX and FUHX models)
  • Finger-proof fan guards standard
  • CSA Listed
  • Baked-on, textured paint
  • Optional air deflectors: cone jet, truncone, louvers and 3 or 4 cone anemostat


For a complete list of the most current ThinLine vertical fan coil and cabinet unit heater specifications, please refer to Daikin Catalog 702.



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