coilsWhatever the application—new or replacement—Daikin has the right coil for you. We offer the widest variety of materials, physical sizes, fin spacings, row depths and circuitings. Coil choices include water cooling, water heating, steam, booster, evaporator and condenser.

Daikin Hi-F (high-efficiency) fins are the patented, long-time industry standard. They maximize heat transfer by creating continuous air turbulence across the fin surface. Because you get maximum heat transfer, fewer rows or less fins are required, which can lower your initial cost.

Daikin E-F (energy efficient) fins should be selected if energy savings is the prime concern. This fin reduces air pressure drop by as much as 33% and lowers fan brake horsepower requirements. This can lower operating costs over the life of the coil.

In addition to the above standard fin designs, a flat fin surface is available for applications where the coil must be washed or cleaned periodically.

  • Easy selection of the widest variety of coil options
  • Over 75 years of experience setting the industry standard for quality
  • High efficiency, maximum heat transfer design
  • Quick shipping programs
  • Flexibility and manufacturing capabilities for special materials and configurations required for industrial and process applications
  • Optional coil connection lengths and arrangements available
  • Flange dimensions are variable to fit your application


For a complete list of the most current Coil features, please refer to the appropriate Daikin catalogs:

Catalog 411 – Water Cooling and Evaporator Coils

Catalog 412 – Water Heating and Booster Coils

Catalog 413 – Steam Coils


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