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Graduate Engineer
Transformed Program (GET)

The GET Program is a 6-month immersive learning program for new graduate sales engineers designed to provide foundational HVAC knowledge and experience, build their professional network, and enhance their industry credibility. The GET Program, a blended learning experience that includes online learning and in-person trips to our factories and install sites, is the best opportunity to quickly bring new sales engineers up to speed on not only our products but also on systems, applications and real-life situations.

Engineering Co-op

Our Co-op Engineering Internships are 3 rotations that coincide with the semesters of an academic year: 12 weeks in the summer and 16 weeks in either the Fall or Spring.  Co-op students will work in a separate department for each rotation to give the student a better visibility to the multiple functional areas within the business.  In each rotation the student will typically work on 1 large capstone project as well as smaller supporting engineering projects that will directly impact Daikin Applied’s business.  Some rotations may be structured with multiple projects that are more reflective of a fast paced and rapid changing role (product engineering, warranty, etc.).   Co-op students will have the opportunity to review the available engineering projects and force rank their choices prior to starting each rotation.  Students will work on projects across a variety of engineering areas.  Some examples include:

  • Design & development
  • Testing – Technical Test Lab
  • Product Marketing
  • Production
  • Controls & Intelligent Equipment

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Summer internships give students hands-on experience and the chance to work on real business projects. Our internship program provides opportunities to make an impact and gain valuable, firsthand experience while preparing for a future that students are passionate about.


Internship opportunities include:

  • Electrical Engineer Intern - MN
  • Mechanical Engineer Intern – MN, NY & AZ
  • Marketing Engineer Intern – MN
  • Software Engineer Intern - MN
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Student Opportunities


Recruiting for co-op, internships and full-time positions:


  • Summer Internships
  • Engineering Co-ops
  • Graduate Engineer Training (GET) Program

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