SiteLine Building Controls
for Pre-Programmed BAS

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Bring unmatched simplicity to your building automation systems

SiteLine for Pre-Programmed BAS is an out-of-the-box system that delivers configurable system control without the need for custom programming. This solution optimizes HVAC performance and efficiency throughout your building and works with any Daikin equipment that is BACnet MS/TP compatible. It simplifies the complex and automatically pulls in different units; no need for expensive, on-site programming. As a simple and scalable solution, SiteLine equips you for future expansion and provides additional flexibility for remote configuration through local and cloud-based control.

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Daikin factory expertise at your fingertips

Managing and monitoring HVAC equipment in small or mid-size buildings can often feel like a big headache. If you want HVAC automation that feels customized to your unique needs without the costly price tag, SiteLine has a solution ideally suited for you. This out-of-the-box system works for many applications and is intended to take the complexity out of operations management. With SiteLine’s real-time, remote monitoring and access, you can see changes as they occur, or securely access and fine tune your building from any device. You can also assign access permissions and custom alarms and alerts via email or text, so you have the confidence of knowing your building is performing at its best.

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Partner with a single source manufacturer who builds the equipment, unit controller, BAS and can engineer it together for optimal building performance. Save time, money and energy in the simplicity of a solution that is pre-engineered to work for your system and for the everyday user. Get expertise directly from the factory on each of your Daikin Applied units — RTU, air terminal units, water source heat pumps (WSHP), fan coil units and chillers.

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Enjoy greater comfort control with the ability to do custom sequencing of equipment, which is easily implemented and tailored to your building and your customers’ needs. SiteLine for Pre-Programmed BAS keeps your HVAC on its own network. Choose to connect with cellular or building LAN, knowing that both are best-in-class security — the cellular connection allows for remote commissioning during installation to get you up and running from day one.