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Why choose the Daikin Applied parts store?

We deliver the parts and supplies you need, when you need them. Our HVAC parts store provides replacements for units including fan coil, packaged terminal air conditioner (PTAC), water source heat pump (WSHP) and more. Choose from a fan coil that is a horizontal or vertical unit , PTAC with hydronic or electric heat, or WSHP that is a standard or geothermal unit. Other available products include motors, compressors, air filters, refrigerant and more for HVAC in commercial and industrial settings.

Daikin Applied supporst all major brands of HVAC including our own Daikin branded equipment and legacy brands: McQuay and Daikin-McQuay.


Maintain peak efficiency in your equipment with HVAC motors from Daikin Applied Parts. We offer condenser fan motors, premium efficiency motors, resilient base motors, rigid base motors, severe duty motors, two speed motors and more.


Achieve better performance with industry-leading brands of HVAC compressors. We provide scroll compressors, rotary compressors, hermetic reciprocating compressors, and remanufactured semi-hermetic compressors.


Service your cutomers' HVAC equipment with refrigerant and accessories from Daikin Applied Parts. Today, R-410A and R-134a represent the best refrigerant choices for use in positive pressure equipment. We offer R-134a, R-410A, and R-22.

Air Filters

Improve indoor air quality and create better experiences for building occupants with air filters for commercial and industrial use. We provide HEPA filters, pleated filters, bag filters, box air filters and more.

Additional reasons to choose the Daikin Applied parts store include:
  • Daikin quality OEM parts are designed by the original equipment manufacturer and benefit your bottom line
  • Enhanced HVAC system performance
  • Increased operating life for your investment
  • Reduced overall maintenance cost
  • Daikin has worked hard to achieve a 98% completion of all same-day in-stock orders