Daikin Applied New York City

Product Line Card

Daikin Applied provides quality engineered solutions and services to our customers. The manufacturers we represent are technology leaders; focusing on high efficiency performance, innovative designs and customer service. Please contact us for assistance with any of these product lines.

daikin   DAIKIN APPLIED: Magnetic Bearing Centrifugal Chillers • Centrifugal Chillers • Air-cooled Chillers • Air Handling Units • Self-contained Water-cooled Units • Packaged Rooftop Units • Fan Coil Units • Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners • Water Source Heat Pumps • Controls
daikin   DAIKIN VRV® : VRV® Heat Recovery Systems (Water-cooled and Air-cooled) • VRV® Heat Pump Systems (Water-cooled and Air-cooled) • Single Ductless Split Systems • Multi Ductless Split Systems • Controls
climatecraft   BROAD U.S.A. is a privately held company headquarterd in New Jersey, supporting the sales and service to our customers in North America. BROAD Absorbers are currently operating in over 80 countries with over 35,000 installations worldwide. Broad is the world largest manufacturer of absorption chillers ranging in size up to 3300 tons, and a market leader in "CCHP" sales and service. Broad offers a wide range of heat inputs to drive the absorption cycle, Steam, hot water, Natural gas, exhaust or combinations to match your project requirements.
marcraft   MARCRAFT: Custom Air Handler Units • Energy Recovery • Dehumidification • Full Piping Packages • Complete Direct Expansion Systems • No-thru Metal Design • Factory Performance Verification Testing
aaf   AAF: Pleated Filters • Hi-Efficiency Filtration • HEPA Filtration • Gas Phase Filtration • Replacement HVAC Filtration • Filter Frames and Latches
kmc   KMC Controls
cool automation   CoolAutomation: CoolAutomation develops, manufactures and supplies gateway solutions for the integration and control of HVAC systems and Home Automation /BMS controllers. CoolAutomation’s flagship product is CoolMasterNet that sells and installed via HVAC and Home Automation installers in more than 80 countries worldwide.