100% Configurable
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Pathfinder® Air-cooled Screw Chiller

Model AWV

As the first fully configurable air-cooled screw chiller unit in the industry, Pathfinder’s flexible design and component options allow you to balance price and performance to best meet your requirements. Available from 100 to 565 tons with ozone-friendly R-134A refrigerant, Pathfinder's Variable Volume Ratio (VVR®) compressors optimize performance for every condition at every hour of the day for exceptional efficiencies. For mission critical applications, Pathfinder's RapidRestore® option restarts in 35 seconds after power is restored, and a fast-loading option can restore full load cooling capacity in under 4 minutes, before it’s missed. That's faster than any comparable chiller in the industry. The Pathfinder is also available with a Free Cooling option, which uses outdoor air to naturally cool water and other process fluids, reducing compressor work and increasing chiller efficiency.

Variable Volume Ratio Technology (VVR®)

Pathfinder’s performance is optimized for every condition and at every hour of the day with Daikin’s unique Variable Volume Ratio (VVR) compressor technology. By adjusting the compression ratio to meet the load demands of the building or process, you gain maximized efficiency no matter what the conditions.


Integrated "Free Cooling" Water-side Economizer

The integrated waterside economizer (Free Cooling) option adds fluid-to-air heat exchanger coils in series with the airflow of the primary chiller condenser coils in order to reject heat to the outdoor air without the need for vapor compression cooling. This type of cooling is possible when the outdoor air temperature is colder than cooling fluid temperature requirements.

Remote Monitoring for Screw Chiller

Intelligent Equipment® Controls

With 40% of your building’s operating expenses tied to energy and HVAC management, you need better visibility to unit performance. Intelligent Equipment®, our remote monitoring platform, connects directly to Pathfinder to monitor your building’s energy consumption for deeper, more accurate performance measurement.