Magnitude® Magnetic Bearing Centrifugal Chillers

Proven Performance and Proven Reliability

magnitudeDaikin Magnitude® magnetic bearing water cooled chillers, available from 100 to 1500 tons, are designed to create the ultimate in climate-controlled environments for offices, data centers, K-12 schools, colleges, hospitals and healthcare facilities. Building owners and property managers realize the benefits, too, in terms of reliability and performance. And when it comes to saving energy, Magnitude is up to 40% more efficient than standard centrifugal chillers and can save up to $4 million over the life of the chiller.


Magnetic Bearing Compressors

As Reliable As They Are Efficient

The Daikin magnetic bearing compressor was developed to improve performance, reliability and reduce service requirements as compared with conventional centrifugal compressor designs. The magnetic bearing compressor has a single rotating component – the compressor shaft – levitated on a magnetic field.

  • wme compressorMagnetic bearing design eliminates mechanical seals, wear surfaces, gears and slide valves for longer machine life and increased reliability.
  • VFD designed as an integrated component with the compressor. Reduced in-rush.
  • Onboard digital controls continuously monitor operating status and provide fault protections.
  • Oil-free design eliminates oil management systems for improved compressor and system reliability. The oil-free design also eliminates the possibility of efficiency-robbing oil contamination of heat-transfer surfaces.


Ideal for Retrofit and Replacement

floorspaceThe compact size of the Magnitude chiller makes it ideal for retrofit and replacement installations. Most models can easily fit through double width doors without any disassembly.


Service and Maintenance Savings

Because the Magnitude magnetic bearing chiller has fewer moving parts, requires no oil, nor oil-circulation equipment, it therefore requires less maintenance and service. Over the life of the equipment - approximately 20 to 25 years - the total maintenance savings could be significant.


Our Bottom Line For Your Bottom Line

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

Magnetic bearing centrifugal compressor eliminates the efficiency-robbing friction inherent in traditional centrifugal chiller bearings.

Sustainable performance - The positive pressure, oil-free design eliminates performance degradation due to non-condensables and oil contamination of the refrigerant over the chiller life.

Unmatched unloading and efficiency – IPLV as low as 0.29.

Quiet operation – sound pressure ratings as low as 76 dBA – AHRI Standard 575

Easy integration with our Open Choices™ feature using BACnet®, LonWorks® or Modbus® communications.


R-134a refrigerant has no ozone depletion potential and no phase-out schedule.

Seismic compliance with both IBC seismic certification standards and OSHPD pre-approval.

LEED® points can be earned from the Magnitude chiller's performance in two categories: EAc1, up to 19 points possible, and EAc4, 2 points.

Dual Compressors for redundancy and industry leading part load efficiency available in 150-400 ton and 800-1500 ton capacity.

model types


RapidRestore™ and RideThrough™ Technology

Peace of mind for mission critical applications

A power loss could turn into a critical loss of cooling in mission critical facilities such as data centers or health care buildings. With RapidRestore™ and RideThrough™ technology your Magnitude® chiller can restart as fast as 43 seconds after power is restored. With RideThrough technology, the compressor shaft may never even come to a complete stop before re-synchronizing with the VFD when power is restored. In addition, the Fast Loading option can restore 80% load cooling capacity in less than 75 seconds. So your critical cooling is restored before it's missed.


Which centrifugal chiller is right for your project? Daikin Applied makes several centrifugal chiller types to meet a variety of project size and performance requirements – commercial cooling, district energy plants or manufacturing processes.

Application Daikin Centrifugal Chiller Type
Cooling from 100 to 1500 tons, premium full and part load performance Magnitude® magnetic bearing compressor centrifugal chiller
Cooling, under 1,250 tons – standard efficiency Single compressor chiller - optional VFD
Cooling, full load dominate, above 1,250 tons – standard efficiency Dual compressor chiller, dual circuit – optional VFD
Cooling, part load dominate – standard efficiency Dual compressor chiller, single circuit – optional VFD
Heating, such as space heating or domestic hot water Templifier™ heat recovery water heater
Simultaneous heating and cooling Heat recovery chiller


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