Rental Chillers

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As a building owner, facilities engineer or manager, you are always planning for "what ifs." Not to mention grappling with actual cooling emergencies.



Daikin Applied offers rental chillers and services to meet your temporary cooling needs for:

  • Standby cooling
  • Emergency chiller repair or replacement
  • Supplemental cooling to meet peak loads in warmer months on a more energy-efficient basis
  • Planned system maintenance or system overhaul
  • Facility expansion


We offer a complete package with your rental chiller, which includes everything you need — including pumps and other equipment.

  • Air-cooled chillers at capacities from 80 - 500 tons, including our premium Pathfinder® chillers
  • Flexible water piping connections with quick, easy set-up
  • Electrical hookups to chillers work with your current power supply conditions including transformers


Daikin Applied rental chillers and temporary cooling capabilities are at your service 24/7 throughout the United States and Canada. Whether you have long or short-term cooling needs, we deliver reliable chiller products, applications expertise, and responsive support.

  • Assistance in determining rental chiller capacity and power generation requirements
  • Typically get you up and running within 8 hours of a chiller delivered to your site
  • Contingency planning, including disaster recovery planning and support to meet your industry compliance requirements


The Daikin Applied service team brings you reliable rental chiller solutions and peace of mind, no matter how urgent or complicated your situation. For assistance with your temporary cooling needs, find your local service representative.


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