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Your people come first. Your building comes next: it could be the second largest investment you make to grow your company for the future, so it’s critical to help it perform to your employees’ – and your customers’ – standards. Daikin Building Solutions help you take your building and infrastructure to the next level, to create better business outcomes through quality air that makes your building – and your people – more successful.

Suite of Services

Daikin partners with our clients offering a suite of services to scale the solution specifically to your needs. Whether you’re looking to optimize and extend the life of your equipment or drive efficiency and IAQ into every aspect of your business, our team will identify the solution that meets you where you are today, and where you want to be, tomorrow.

  • Learn how Daikin Building Optimization Services drive results to the bottom line with advice and optimization of your building performance.
  • Learn how Daikin Maintenance Services help you get the most out of your building investment by optimizing your HVAC and other system performance.
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Daikin Building Optimization Services will help you take your building and infrastructure to the next level. Rooted in HVAC service expertise, our Building Advisors provide comprehensive assessments and solutions for building performance that goes beyond conventional HVAC.

We’re fiercely committed to helping you solve your challenges, however you define them. Contact your Daikin Building Advisor today for an energy, IAQ or asset management assessment that will help you chart your course to comfort, and drive results to the bottom line.


Your HVAC system is one of your building’s largest energy draws – consuming roughly 40% of your building’s energy expense. With a Daikin-designed energy audit, our team of experts will help discover where your opportunities lie: identifying energy conservation measures and spotting facility improvements may reduce your energy spend by 10 percent or more. The audit goes beyond the HVAC system to include an evaluation of lighting, occupant usage, and even windows and roofs. As a result of the process, you will gain perspective on potential energy savings and can see a steep change in building performance.


Unplanned repairs and escalating operations and maintenance costs can cause financial challenges for many buildings. Working with your team, we will provide the level of detail you need to be confident with the next ten years financial needs for your budgeting. Our Asset Management Assessment Tool includes a technical evaluation of your chillers, boilers, air distribution, pumps, and controls.


Our ventilation or load analysis will evaluate your current state, and our team’s counsel can help you achieve better building outcomes – for your budget, your building, and more importantly the people working, living, learning, and healing inside. If your systems are struggling to keep staff or customers comfortable – both in temperature and humidity levels—our team can help evaluate how to get your system to operate at optimal conditions.

Daikin System Services professionals help you get the most out of your building investment by optimizing your HVAC and other systems performance. Our service technicians can meet you where you are, with a suite of options customizable to your business needs. Connect with your local office today to identify the plan that’s right for you.

  • First Year Maintenance: warranty protection, preventative maintenance, efficient operation
  • Inspection and Maintenance: annual, quarterly, yearly maintenance check-ups and more. We can even customize periodic inspections on the components you designate, when you want them.
  • Preventative Maintenance: flexible and customized agreements deliver preventative maintenance at the system level, or for any individual component, from any manufacturer.
  • Comprehensive Services: all-inclusive monitoring, maintenance and repair of your HVAC and other building systems ensure the best protection for your tenants and for your investment
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Know the right time and the best equipment to use when replacing a piece of your HVAC system.

Knowing your options for your HVAC equipment for the highest efficiency over the lifetime of the system and building can be a challenge. Let us guide you in making the choice of when, whether to repair and what options are available to replace so that you achieve better outcomes for your building, its occupants, and your budget.


Our HVAC experts will conduct a Daikin-designed assessment of your existing equipment and lifetime analysis, detailing efficiency options, building uses, and costs for operations, replacement and preventive maintenance services. You can count on coming out of the assessment with a financial comparison of alternatives to ensure you are completely informed to make the best decision for your business.

Daikin Rental Chiller

Daikin Rental Chiller

Daikin fixes cooling emergencies

As a building owner, facilities engineer or manager, you are always planning for "what ifs." Not to mention grappling with actual cooling emergencies. Daikin Applied offers rental chillers and services to meet your temporary cooling needs for:

  • Standby cooling
  • Emergency chiller repair or replacement
  • Supplemental cooling to meet peak loads in warmer months on a more energy-efficient basis 
  • Planned system maintenance or system overhaul
  • Facility expansion

Daikin Applied chiller rentals

We offer a complete package with your rental chiller, which includes everything you need — including pumps and other equipment.

  • Air-cooled chillers at capacities from 80 - 500 tons, including our premium Pathfinder® chillers
  • Flexible water piping connections with quick, easy set-up
  • Electrical hookups to chillers work with your current power supply conditions including transformers

Daikin Applied rental chillers and temporary cooling capabilities are at your service 24/7 throughout the United States and Canada. Whether you have long or short-term cooling needs, we deliver reliable chiller products, applications expertise, and responsive support.

  • Assistance in determining rental chiller capacity and power generation requirements
  • Typically get you up and running within 8 hours of a chiller delivered to your site
  • Contingency planning, including disaster recovery planning and support to meet your industry compliance requirements

The Daikin Applied service team brings you reliable rental chiller solutions and peace of mind, no matter how urgent or complicated your situation.

Daikin technician: commercial HVAC service

Daikin Roofpak outdoor air handler

Replacements and Upgrades

You can't afford to run obsolete HVAC systems that aren't energy efficient and can be a drain on your building operations and bottom line. Environmental responsibility and occupant comfort also demand a closer look at improving your systems. Is it time to upgrade your aging or underperforming systems and controls? Need to accommodate a facility expansion? Daikin Applied — the global leader in HVAC — has answers. Our energy-saving solutions equal less downtime and maintenance over the product lifecycle.

Building and energy assessments

Our assessments can include recommendations for retrofit and upgrades  with calculation of potential energy savings.

Project management for building upgrades – Turnkey solutions

Daikin Applied offers complete solutions from start to finish including overseeing the construction management to ensure proper installation, building codes are followed with safety as the highest priority.

  • Project management and total job responsibility
  • HVAC retrofits: full-system or individual component replacements
  • System energy efficiency and increased operation reliability
  • Added capacity and expansion


Daikin Applied offers upgrades over a wide range of components to help give you the most efficient and technologically advanced systems.

Control upgrades

When you upgrade your building automation system (BAS), you may need control upgrades on your system components. Control upgrades are available on all Daikin Applied products, including chillers, air handlers, rooftop units. Compliant with BACnet®, Modbus® and LonTalk® protocols

  • System Manager/ i-Manager — mini BAS for your HVAC system
  • D-Net® remote monitoring: virtual diagnostics and inspection
  • Daikin MicroTech® Controls – better control over your costs integrated with your BAS system
  • MTII Upgrade brochure Link

Mechanical upgrades

  • Variable frequency drive (VFD)
  • Compressor upgrades
  • Boiler upgrades
  • Fan upgrades
  • Motor upgrades
  • Pump upgrades

For ideas and solutions on how you can upgrade your HVAC system for improved performance, contact your local service representative.

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