Precisely Condition Air
at an Affordable Price Point

Blower Coil for Indoor Air Quality
PreciseLine® Large Capacity Blower Coil

Model BCH

PreciseLine® horizontal blower coils, up to 5000 cfm, precisely match a building’s air handling demand at a blower coil price point. It features durable, thermally insulated, double-wall panel construction plus all the attributes that many building owners, specifying engineers, and contractors desire. The PreciseLine® blower coil combines a low profile, space-saving design in a large capacity, sleek, modern, optional pre-painted cabinet. It fully complies with ASHRAE 62.1-2010 standards for indoor air quality, and minimizes pathogens, contaminants, and fiberglass strands. Double-wall panel construction prevents conditioned air from encountering insulation, which results in an easy-to-clean cabinet without the risk of mold and mildew growth.


Precisely Conditions Air

Balancing loads, fresh air, delivery requirements, and other design obstacles is a complex problem that calls for a clever solution. Daikin engineers designed PreciseLine to affordably condition air up to 5000 cfm, precisely matching a building’s air handling demand at a blower coil price point.

Blower Coil

Budget-minded Performance

PreciseLine goes beyond delivering savings at the time of purchase. Standard double-wall foam construction drives high energy efficiency and budget-minded performance over the life of the unit. With PreciseLine, air can be conditioned for a larger space in a smaller package at an affordable price.

air handling unit

Modulating Components

The blower coil is designed for optimal flexibility to meet the varying needs of climates and buildings. Modulating components fine-tune the unit to precisely what each space demands: 0-10V fan motors, valve packages, fresh air supply dampers, and electric heat provide unmatched thermal comfort and energy.