Drastically Improve Efficiencies
with Highly-Customized Designs

high btu commercial fancoils in a fan coil system
Large Capacity Fan Coils


Large capacity fan coils, 600 to 3000 CFM, provide more highly-customized heating and cooling solutions for apartments, hotels, condominiums, schools, dormitories, and healthcare facilities than any other manufacturer. Custom design, superior efficiencies, enhanced IAQ, quiet operation, and reduced operating costs make these fan coil units ideal for building owners, facility managers, and specifying engineers to meet and surpass their most desired requirements. Choose from highly-optioned horizontal units that offer space savings for single-zone applications in new or retrofit buildings, or vertical units that quickly and easily mount to interior walls. Each fan coil unit features extensive design options and color choices that allow them to blend into all types of building environments and décor. Programmable controls, coil options, and ECMs drastically improve efficiency, while our factory-installed valve and piping packages save hours of installation procedures.

fan coil unit

Hideaway Unit (Direct Drive & Belt Drive)

Installed in a fully concealed ceiling location, the direct-drive hideaway units deliver desired air flows against a wide range of external static pressures associated with varying duct layouts. The belt-drive hideaway units, from 800 to 3000 nominal CFM, incorporate money-saving features, flexibility, and high performance.