HiLine® Vertical Stacked Fan Coils

Solutions for every application

hilineThe Daikin HiLine vertical stacked fan-coil air conditioning units are designed for use in multiple floor apartments, office buildings, hotels and other similar applications and require a minimum amount of floor space. Just one HiLine vertical stacked unit may do the job that formerly required more than one conventional unit.

The results of many years of experience in the development, design and manufacture of fan-coil air conditioners have been incorporated in the vertical stacked units to provide highly efficient, quiet performance; individual thermostatic control; simple, low cost installation; application flexibility; and low maintenance and operating costs with no sacrifice in room comfort, design, or appearance.

  • Four unit sizes from 300 to 800 cfm, blow-through configuration
  • Two unit sizes, 1,000 and 1,200 cfm, draw-through configuration
  • Low cfm design for individual rooms
  • Quiet operation • AHRI certified performance


For a complete list of the most current ThinLine vertical fan coil and cabinet unit heater specifications, please refer to Daikin Catalog 770.



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