MicroTech® Controls

Although new MicroTech unit controllers are no longer available for purchase, Daikin will continue to provide long-term support for existing MicroTech unit and system controllers in the field.

We support the integration of existing MicroTech products through:

Open ProtocolTM Site License and Open Protocol Master Panel

MicroTech Open Protocol allows communication between most MicroTech equipment and a building automation system (BAS). An Open Protocol site license is required for all Open Protocol applications. An Open Protocol Master panel interfaces between the BAS and a network of two or more MicroTech unit controllers. An Open Protocol Master is required if you have more than one unit.

MicroTech BACdrop® Panel

The MicroTech BACdrop panel allows MicroTech units to be integrated into a BACnet® network via BACnet Ethernet provided by a third-party building automation and control network integration companies.


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