Air Cooled Condensers

Direct Drive Condenser Series

unitsThe Daikin direct-drive, air-cooled condensers are available in three different models, each with 24 sizes and numerous options. They are designed to be used with Daikin Model WGS screw compressor chillers or WGZD scroll compressor chillers.

  • Model ACH, providing low-cost, high capacity performance where sound and efficiency are not major concerns.
  • Models ACL and ACX, providing moderate cost, excellent capacity and efficiency, coupled with low sound levels.



Feature Model
Fan Motor Speed/Dia. (in.) 1140/30 830/30 830/30
Fan Motor Power 1.5 HP 1.5 HP 1.5 HP
Fan Type Standard Quiet Quiet
Cabinet Galvanized(1) Galvanized(1) Galvanized(1)
Venturi Cover Removable Removable Removable
Hinged Option Yes Yes Yes
Sound level Highest Medium High Medium Low
Capacity Medium High Medium Low Lowest

1. Painted galvanized or aluminum available as an option.
2. Warrants against tube leaks at the tube sheet.

All models can be used with R-134a, R-407C (450 psi working pressure), and R-410A (650 working pressure).


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