Costanera Center Tower 2 and Tower 4
Both Tower 2 (tall hi-rise) and Tower 4 (short hi-rise) at the Costanera Center complex are expected to achieve LEED Gold certification, among other buildings at the development.


Office Building and Hotel

Costanera Center, Tower 2
and Tower 4

Santiago, Chile

Facility Size
77,000 sq. meters (Tower 2,
Class A+ office)
33,000 sq. meters (Tower 4, office
and hotel)

Find the most advanced, energy efficient VRV® equipment solutions to help meet LEED certification and occupant requirements

746 Daikin VRV® external water cooled units 2800+ Daikin VRV®
indoor units

Daikin Provides World’s Largest Water-Cooled VRV® Solution to Latin America’s Tallest Building Seeking LEED Gold Certification


One of the largest and most prestigious retailers in South America, sought only the most advanced, energy efficient air conditioning equipment for its world-class Costanera Center in downtown Santiago.

Designed by world-renowned architect César Pelli, Costanera Center’s Tower 2 is the tallest building in Latin America at 300 meters (980 ft). Also known as the Gran Torre Santiago, Tower 2 rises above the city’s financial hub next to the Mapocho River and is designed with state-of-the-art structural systems, mechanical systems, and responsiveness to the environment.

Among other energy-saving materials that support the building’s anticipated LEED Gold certification by the U.S. Green Building Council, Tower 2 features a 64-story glass curtain wall with high-performance coatings that permit only low levels of radiant heat in to keep the indoor environment comfortable.

Costanera’s Tower 4, located at the other side of the complex, is a 28-story office building and four-star hotel with similar energy efficiency, HVAC design, and LEED requirements.


The Costanera Center engineering team specified water-cooled condensing units with heat recovery as the air conditioning system. “Building owner Cencosud’s decision drivers were efficient design, the capability of receiving factory and local technical support, local presence (including after-market service), as well as the ability to collaborate closely with the project team,” says Julio Almonacid, general manager at Daikin Air Conditioning Chile, S.A.


Daikin VRV® heat pump technology with heat recovery provides high energy efficiency and thermal stability.

Daikin VRV® systems provide customers with individual zone control in each room and floor of a building, by circulating refrigerant around the building via a Direct Expansion (DX) design. The VRV® heat recovery systems provide performance and design attributes similar to a 4-pipe chiller system.

As an alternative to traditional chiller plants and centralized equipment, Daikin’s water-cooled VRV® systems offer a compact design and lightweight structure that make the equipment ideal for buildings with limited area available for mechanical equipment. Units can be stacked and deliveries to mechanical rooms are easily made via elevators.

“Daikin was selected by demonstrating the technical advantages of our solution against the competitor’s solution, which was initially specified in the project,” Almonacid says, crediting the entire Daikin technical team. The project team included Daikin Chile and Daikin Japan which worked closely with the Cencosud technical team, consulting firm Cintec International, and engineering services company Cruz & Davila.


World’s largest VRV® installation
“The Costanera Center complex represents the world’s largest installation of water-cooled condensing units in a building and Daikin’s largest VRV® installation with external water-cooled units to date,” Almonacid says. The water-cooled VRV® heat pump systems by Daikin at the Costanera development use water from the nearby river canal to dissipate heat. This innovation results in an extremely efficient energy-transfer circuit, providing greater energy savings, and a substantial reduction in potentially harmful emissions.

Daikin Japan provided factory-level supervision and oversight of the engineering, installation, and commissioning of the VRV® equipment at Costanera. In addition to working closely with the engineering team, Daikin coordinated with four mechanical contracting firms—Masterclima, Fleischmann, Obras, and Cambel—which performed the equipment installations. Installations of the external VRV® units at Towers 2 and 4 were made from July 2013 through December 2014.

Both buildings began welcoming new tenants in early 2016. “In Tower 2, the VRV® external units were installed in the building’s many mechanical rooms, including a large technical machinery room on floor 44. Each tenant is responsible to oversee the connections in their spaces that include piping and welding, and then commissioning their designated VRV® equipment,” Almonacid says. HVAC at Tower 2 also uses Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) boxes with CO2 sensors to introduce and control fresh outside air.


As each tenant at the Costanera Center complex takes occupancy, their thermal comfort is ensured. “The Daikin VRV® modular system allows each tenant to control their occupancy zones. Through this flexible design, each indoor unit in their office spaces is autonomous, permitting independent temperature control. In addition, each tenant can obtain a detailed record of the climate control energy consumption for their particular zone,” Almonacid says.

Costanera tenants and visitors also benefit from the Daikin planned preventive maintenance program, which uses a predictive monitoring system with 24/7 supervision to assure the VRV® systems are fully operational.

Daikin Chile officially launched its business operation at Costanera Center’s Tower 2 in October 2015, with the VRV® equipment installation in the top floor of the building serving as a showcase display of innovative Daikin equipment.

Costanera building team

Owner/facilities management: Cencosud S.A.
Engineer of record: Cintec International
Engineering services/inspections: Cruz & Davila
Mechanical contractors: Masterclima, Fleischmann,
Obras, and Cambel
HVAC Supplier: Daikin Air Conditioning Chile S.A.,
Daikin Japan

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